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The Sounds of War…Craft


Does the music you play in game effect the game you play??

I’ve been thinking about the fun i had leveling my main. Playing WoW OL with friends is what its all about for me, having a friend sat next to you on the other computer takes WoW to a different level altogether. By adding the RL component it becomes an event rather than just playing a game, and generally takes as much thoughtfull planning as a night out clubbing. There are important things to consider.. will there be adequate elbow room at the desk, who’s sound feed to play, who’s vent to use? Do you set up a buffet like affair for the snacks, or do you go with individually plated assortmemnts? and most important, how to maintain a continuous supply of cold beers without interupting game play (tbf probably the most important question of them all). The last question, before diggin in for the night was always, what tunes to play?  It is the only occasion i can remember making a concious decision on tunage based on something other than the mood i was in. This got me thinking….

When we play a game

  1. Do we play music that reflects the mood we’re in, or to create the mood we want?
  2. Does that decision effect the game we play?
  3. What music do you listen too raiding? Does it differ from the music u listen to wen doin q’s?

I have more than a few thoughts on this lol, but while i try to make some sense of them, i’d be very interested in hearing what other people think.


If you have nothing to say, say nothing..


It got me thinking


Whilst reading a post @ Righteous Orbs this evening, it got me thinking.. as it always does.. Tamarind does have a certain retorical flair, a flair i unfortunately dont share lol. The post was talking about the ever regular emotional drama within most guilds, and why its such a big deal. Although I’m normally opposed to any such basic generalisation of any group of individuals in terms of habits, attitudes, activities etc, i do feel that the WOW Guild is an organism with 3 main components..

  1. Them that give a fuck.
  2. Them that dont give a fuck.
  3. Them that don’t know, whether or not, they give a fuck.

Them that give a fuck, either put up with all the shit for the sake of the guild or believe they’re kicking up shit for the sake of the guild.

Them that dont give a fuck just dont give a fuck.. “The shit don’t stick unless I’m throwing it, and as long as i’m getting emblems and gearz, who cares”.

Them that dont know, whether or not, they give a fuck. Come on, get an opinion, a new guild or a new game!!

On the whole i think inter-guildee behaviour and attitude comes down to an individuals concept of what a guild is.

  1. Do they see the guild as a living organism, is it personal to them, do they feel an emotional connection?
  2. Do they see the guild as an inorganic mechanism, a means to an end, just a tool for further development of their character?
  3. Or do they see the guild as a surrogate social life?

I see the guild as a living, breathing organism, its ebb and flow based on dynamics created by its members. Like any living thing it is susceptible to mood swings and deviation from its even keele. Feed it too much tofu and carrot juice, its gonna start watching chick flix and getting to bed at a resonable time (sure I’ve robbed that from somewhere). Feed it too much curry and ale, its gonna get loud and shit everywhere.

Fresh Prince of Senjin


Now dis is da story all about how,

My life got voodoo flipped Mon, upside down.

Me like to take a minute to fill you all in,

On how me became a Mage, in sunny Senjin.

In West Durator me was born and raised,

on da training ground me spent most of me days.

Flamin it out, kiting, sheeping it cool,

Raining down fire outside of da school.

When a couple of Orcs Mon, dey was up to no good,

Started causing trouble in da neighbourhood.

I got in one fire fight and my momma was ragin,

“Your movin down South wid your father in Senjin”.

I whistled for a hog and when it came near,

License plate said “PWN” and it ran on Gnome thinner.

Da rider flipped out da side car, yelled for me to get in,

I thought ya Mon, “yo homes to Senjin!”.

I pulled up to da hut about seven or eight,

And I yelled to the DK “Yo homes, smell ya later!”

Looked at my kingdom, I was finally in,

Flippin out in me Yurt Mon, as the Mage of Senjin.

Oh noes in WSG


Wasmemon fancied himself a little go of the action in Warsong Gulch. Bearing in mind my previous post told of the, general lack of survivability, exhibited by my big blue dress wearing friend, i felt this to be a tad…. unadvisable. Ever the optomist, Waz just smiled at my comment, shaking his tusks and cheerily suggesting “it will be fun Mon”. No Mon, it wasn’t fun!! I spent most my time waiting for him to res at the spirit healer. Waz jumps down from spirit healer, Waz starts to cast Frostbolt, Waz dies. 21, 20, 19……….. 3, 2, 1, Waz buffs up, Waz jumps down from the spirit healer, Waz starts to cast Frostbolt, Waz dies. I suggested maybe he goes down via another route, you know, attack the problem from a different angle. Into the flag room he goes, whistling discordantly with his perpetual grin splitting his face, lumbers down the long tunnel and out into the open… WhOaM, Sap, Backstab….. That bloody Rogue again!! This is where i’d usually enter ‘Stage Left’ and fly into a long diatribe about the inequalities of the BG system and how the Alliance always seem to have the better luck of the draw, but on this particular occasion i won’t, i’ll save it for another day. So instead, just let me say that, 8 out of the 10 Horde in there couldn’t tell the difference between their arse and their elbow.



So then, this is my 1st time out with Wasmemon, in fact its my 1st time out with any Mage. I could tell you a story of how he turned to cinder all that crossed his path in a torrent of molten, fiery terror. I could describe in great detail how he foiled his would be persuers with deft use of his Frost Nova. I could tell of artfull polymorphing of enemies, standing proud and brave while lolling there stupidity. All this I could tell you, but in doing so i’d be lying.. and I mean really, really lying. To put it bluntly, Wasmemon is a large blue, dress wearing mob magnet with the surviveability factor of Jelly at a kids party. How he maintains his smile and sunny disposition is beyond my understanding, “Never give up Mon!” he shouts, setting off once again in search of his dead body with a big toothy smile on his ghostly face. Watching his seemingly futile efforts towards a ding is exhausting, but ding he does. I raise a fist in salute to his courage, his determination, to his ability to deal with the total ballache of progression as a clothy…. Rather you than me Mon!!!!

Easy Mon


Welcome to the ramblings and musings of Wasmemon, a blue skinned, fire throwing, Troll Mage in a dress. Please join me on his meandering journey through Azeroth, in search of the perfect – Flame Retardent Pants!!