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The Sounds of War…Craft


Does the music you play in game effect the game you play??

I’ve been thinking about the fun i had leveling my main. Playing WoW OL with friends is what its all about for me, having a friend sat next to you on the other computer takes WoW to a different level altogether. By adding the RL component it becomes an event rather than just playing a game, and generally takes as much thoughtfull planning as a night out clubbing. There are important things to consider.. will there be adequate elbow room at the desk, who’s sound feed to play, who’s vent to use? Do you set up a buffet like affair for the snacks, or do you go with individually plated assortmemnts? and most important, how to maintain a continuous supply of cold beers without interupting game play (tbf probably the most important question of them all). The last question, before diggin in for the night was always, what tunes to play?  It is the only occasion i can remember making a concious decision on tunage based on something other than the mood i was in. This got me thinking….

When we play a game

  1. Do we play music that reflects the mood we’re in, or to create the mood we want?
  2. Does that decision effect the game we play?
  3. What music do you listen too raiding? Does it differ from the music u listen to wen doin q’s?

I have more than a few thoughts on this lol, but while i try to make some sense of them, i’d be very interested in hearing what other people think.

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  1. 27/03/2010 20:50

    I’ll quite often put music or a podcast on when I’m doing something like grinding or heroics. Something to keep me entertained while I go through the monotony.

    In raids it’s a different thing. I rely on audio cues as much as visual ones, so I crave silence. I even have Vent at a low level so that I can keep an ear open for pings and voice cues.

  2. 30/03/2010 14:11

    Truncated feeeds *cries*

    Musicwise, I just listen to whatever I’m in the mood for, though I find the faster paced stuff tends to have me working a tad faster than the calming stuff.

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