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So then, this is my 1st time out with Wasmemon, in fact its my 1st time out with any Mage. I could tell you a story of how he turned to cinder all that crossed his path in a torrent of molten, fiery terror. I could describe in great detail how he foiled his would be persuers with deft use of his Frost Nova. I could tell of artfull polymorphing of enemies, standing proud and brave while lolling there stupidity. All this I could tell you, but in doing so i’d be lying.. and I mean really, really lying. To put it bluntly, Wasmemon is a large blue, dress wearing mob magnet with the surviveability factor of Jelly at a kids party. How he maintains his smile and sunny disposition is beyond my understanding, “Never give up Mon!” he shouts, setting off once again in search of his dead body with a big toothy smile on his ghostly face. Watching his seemingly futile efforts towards a ding is exhausting, but ding he does. I raise a fist in salute to his courage, his determination, to his ability to deal with the total ballache of progression as a clothy…. Rather you than me Mon!!!!

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